Pakistan Wins IBSF World Team Snooker Championship

In what is a moment of national pride, Pakistan has won the IBSF world Snooker championship, the premier non-professional snooker tournament in the world. The Pakistani team comprised of world champion
Muhammad Asif yes, he won the 2012 world amateur snooker championship in Bulgaria) and Muhammad Sajid.

Congratulations to all Pakistanis on this great victory. Unfortunately, as usual, this news has received very little coverage. It is important that we Continue reading

The Trajic Earthquake in Baluchistan

In what is a tragic news, over 40,000 houses in Baluchistan have been flattened and the death toll has crossed 500 (and possibly even more) in and around the areas surrounding the district of Awaran in Baluchistan. More than 100,000 people have lost their homes and have been out in scorching heat. In this hour of tragedy, our fellow Pakistanis in Baluchistan need our full support.

The government has been frantically working to provide relief to people in the affected area, and the national disaster management authority says it has sent about Continue reading

The Hockey Debacle

We are now somewhat accustomed to disappointments in hockey, but the failure to even qualify for the world cup is a serious low even by the already low standards we have become used to. Many former players are issuing the usual calls for resignations in the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). However, the problem is much deeper than just that of purging PHF. Continue reading

How Hostage Negotiations Should be Handled

The recent gunman crisis in Islamabad has sparked a debate on the role of the media. Its ball-to-ball coverage, how it gave air time to Sikandar and his wife, and advance reporting of operational plans or police raids has been a subject of severe criticism both within the journalist community as well as from the general public. There is also an ongoing debate about Zamarud Khan’s ill-advised intervention. In addition to these issues, the standoff also raises some questions about the negotiation process Continue reading

KP’s New Freedom of Information Law: a Very Positive Step

The government of KP has finally promulgated its widely anticipated freedom of information (FOI) law. Looking at its salient features, it seems to have all the key ingredients of a good FOI law. Umar Cheema of The News has written a really good summary which can be read here. To learn about how to submit an information request to the KP govt under the new law, you can check this page. This could go a long way towards making the working of the government transparent and accountable, and the KP govt deserves to be commended for this. The Punjab govt too is working on a similar law and one hopes it will be an equally good one.

Interestingly enough, the KP govt did face a last minute attempt by the bureaucracy to drastically Continue reading

Disowning Zia: the Right Thing for not so Right Reasons?

Disowning Zia: the right thing for not so right reasons?

Twenty five years after his death, many of us today agree that General Zia ul Haq’s rule was a very dark period in our history. However, this was not a consensus sentiment in 1988.¬†For example, here is a video clip of his funeral which shows a large gathering:

This raises some questions. How come we find no voices in his defense even as we experience (and suffer due to) his ideological legacy every day? Continue reading

Fixing Pakistan’s Cricket Structure: Imran Khan’s Recipe

First of all, a very happy Eid to all readers.

Secondly, congratulations on the recent victories in the West Indies tour. That said, the wins against the Windies do not take away the issue of our team’s inconsistent performance. Only a few weeks back, we were badly disappointed by the performance of our team in the recently held ICC trophy.

Instead of a long post here, I will mainly defer to a must-watch interview of Imran Khan Continue reading